Friday, 10 January 2014

Welcome to Fancy Things Friday! The Popcorn Machine.

Hey my lovelies!!

So I'm developing this idea that I might devote certain days to certain things throughout the week. Partly to give this blog some structure, but mainly so that I'm motivated to actually write things on it.

So far, I have two days paved out...

Wind Back Wednesdays:
This is where I delve into my memory bank and find a story from my past to regale you with... I have a lot of material to go on, trust me.

Fancy Things Friday:
This is where I bring to light something that has caught my attention during the week. It could be in the form of a website I liked, a new blogger/youtube account/twitter/other internet thing I've discovered, a thing I've bought or been given/a place I've been... basically, anything that I've seen and gone "Ooooh, that's fancy and fun, I like that." Then I decide to advertise the hell out of it, on this blog.

Once again, I would like to throw in a disclaimer that this is all an idea at the moment. I'm not promising that I will deliver every week, but at the moment, I'm going through this whole kick of being pro-active and shizzle, and so feel highly motivated to see this through. We'll see how well I go though... It is the beginning of the year and all that, mostly running off the adrenalin of wanting to actually give my life some form of meaning... I don't know how long that will last.

So, as it's Friday. I thought I'd start up this series with a Christmas present that I received from Marmie and Father this year. Younger-Brother-Daniel gave Marmie a massive lecture about how he wanted her to give us all presents that involved thinking out of the box this year. Something which we have all since laid into him for, as it required the demand for us to do the same as well. Younger-Brother-Daniel, himself, has also regretted this speech as present giving was a lot more effort when we realised that we wouldn't be able to get away with the standard TV boxset of something or other, like we normally divert to.

Anywho, as a result of this, Marmie and Father went to great lengths to find me a present that was thoughtful and unique. They found a theme based on my current lifestyle, which was a way to aid my quiet nights in, watching movies. Somehow they got it into their heads that of anything they had to give, this would be the most useful... they weren't wrong.

So, Christmas day rocked up, and I received from them an awesome series of presents. One snuggly and very comfortable Minnie Mouse Onesie, four packets of Popcorn Kernels, a misjudged DVD of a collection of films... (Marmie had bought me a collection of films starring Selina Gomez, not really knowing who Selina Gomez was, and not realising that her films don't usually get enjoyed by anyone over the age of 11 years old), and then the biggest present under the tree, which pleased me to no end, in the form of my very own Popcorn Machine.

Now, it might be something that a lot of you already have... I don't know the type of lifestyles you live, you may very well be a popcorn crazed family/individual who makes popcorn on a nightly basis and never watches a movie without it. But for me, this is a new and novel thing. Especially as I like my popcorn plain/salty, which rules out my buying any of the packeted stuff you get in shops. Also, my parents have stocked me up with enough corn kernels to last me until I'm 80, so the cost saved in this present is immense.

If you guys don't have this particular machine, or one like it, I'm sure there are many good brands available, then I do recommend you get one. Since receiving this wonderful gift, my endless nights in by myself have seemed that little less mundane and soul destroying. I have an excuse to bring a little bit of fun into my nights in alone... at least until the novelty of it wears off, that is.

You see, now when I pick a movie to watch, it's not just that sad act of putting it into my computer and nestling in with my standard Hanjie puzzle book (I'll save the explanation of that one for another week on Fancy Thing Friday), but it's the fun of preparing a bowl of pretty low fat goodness, and hugging the bowl of popcorn to me, while I close my eyes and imagine I'm actually in a cinema somewhere, socialising with people. Guys, it's almost like the real thing.

Also, due to it being so low in the calorie take, I can treat myself to more than one go of making popcorn on the machine. In fact, just this Sunday gone, I made myself a bowl to rewatch Sherlock: The Empty Hearse, and then made another one just in time for Sherlock: The Sign of Three! Look at me go! I am living the life!!

But my plug of this machine isn't all perfect and sunshine. There are a few warnings that I feel I should get out there, should you decide to purchase one for yourself.

1. Only put in the amount of kernels that the instruction leaflet suggests... it may not seem like much, but trust me, it will be enough. Any more, and... well... just trust me on this one.

2. The smell when you initially turn the machine on, coupled with the sound that it makes, may send you into a little panic attack over the fear that you might be close to blowing up the house. Do not worry, it's meant to smell and sound like that... the burning/overheated smell just means that it's working... Of course, if there are sparks and smoke, I'd suggest just turning it off for a few minutes, to let it cool down. Not that this has happened to me yet, but it just seems like common sense, really.

3. Beware of stray kernels whilst the Popcorn machine is in cooking mode. They will escape from the machine in a desperate attempt at saving their lives and burn a hole into your skin if they come into contact with you. Do not attempt to pick these kernels up. It's like placing your hands round actual burning coals. Also, if you have a daughter who is really excited about her present, don't pick one up, realise it's hot and then throw it at her. She will most certainly get burnt as well as you, and will not take any joy in being able to say that she had joined you in your pain. *cough* Father *cough*.

Other than that, you are golden. Keep the three rules in your head and you are good to go. I know that this advert for the popcorn machine has now made you desperate to go out and purchase it... you are welcome. It is worth the minor burns and fear that a stray hot kernel will land on something flammable and burn the house down... I think.

Happy Popping!

Until next time.

Peace out my lovelies.

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